Ear, Nose & Throat

The four most common ENT issues are ear infections, strep throat, sinusitis, and sleep apnea. We also see issues with adenoids, thyroids, tonsils, and more. 


We can work with you to find a treatment and we can also perform surgeries when needed. 


Dr. Randy Folker is the ENT expert for Cody Surgical Associates.



Allergies can cause us to suffer every day. While conventional treatments involving medications like antihistamines help control the symptoms, for many sufferers, some people don't respond to these types of treatments.

Our staff uses desensitization to train the immune system to tolerate the offending allergen. We also specialize in diagnoses and treatment in stinging insect allergy, skin allergy, as well as food allergy and food sensitivity.


We provide:

1) Nasal allergy testing and immunotherapy (allergy shot desensitization).

2) Allergy immunotherapy with sublingual drops.

3) Allergy testing under general anesthesia (available in pediatric patients undergoing simultaneous ENT surgical procedures).

4) Patch testing for chemical sensitivity and skin allergy.

5) Food allergy testing by skin technique and in-office food challenge testing.

6) Stinging insect venom allergy testing and immunotherapy (allergy shot desensitization).

7)  Penicillin antibiotic allergy testing by skin technique.

8) Preoperative testing for metal sensitivity for joint replacement surgery.


Each treatment is customized to the unique needs of each patient. Dr. Folker is the allergy expert for Cody Surgical Associates.


General Surgery

While the body generally does a great job of repairing itself, there are times when surgery is needed to make the right repair or to remove something that shouldn't be there. 

At Cody Surgical Associates, we can perform all kinds of surgeries and we specialize in oncological, breast, gall bladder, hernia, thyroid, anti-reflux, and minimally invasive surgeries. 

Dr. Etter is the general surgery expert for Cody Surgical Associates. 


Many ailments can be prevented or caught early through routine screenings and procedures. We specialize in a wide variety of edoscopic based procedures to look for issues in the upper part of your digestive system, as well as colonoscopies.

Dr. Etter is our endoscopy expert at Cody Surgical Associates.